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Reading Lists Online: guide for academic staff

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Adding items

Adding new items to your reading list

You are now ready to start adding items (or 'bookmarks') to your list. The boxes below show the most commonly used items. Each document (or video demo) will show you how to add that item to your reading list.

The importance of importance!

When adding an item to a Reading List you need to select a category from Purchase by Student, Essential or Recommended. These 3 categories refer to the relative importance of every item on a module reading list and give an indication of the level of use likely to be made of an item by the students on that module.  The category assigned has implications for the number of copies purchased and the loan period allocated.  PER mainly refers to books and can be described thus:

P=Purchase by Student This category indicates that students are expected to purchase the item themselves. The Library would have one copy in stock (possibly on reference).

E=Essential  These are titles which students are expected to refer to but not necessarily to purchase.  The library would aim to buy one copy for every 15 students.

R=Recommended  Less vital than essential, but still a sought after item.  The library would aim to buy one copy for every 25 students.


Adding books/ebooks

Adding websites

How to request an item for digitisation

Adding journals titles

Adding journal articles

Adding a database