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APA Referencing: Succeed@Tees Workshops

Succeed @ Tees Workshops: Current status

This workshop is only available as an online version. Please use the learning materials below. If you need further help please contact the Learning Hub.

Workshop materials

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Do you get confused with referencing?
Do you need to reference using the APA (American Psychological Association) system?
This session will help you with the basics of referencing using the APA system.
The session will cover:

  • why we need to reference
  • how to reference materials in the APA way

Useful links

What students said about this workshop

"It enriched my previous knowledge and skills in APA Referencing"

"Learned more, would ask questions also. Directed to the School's APA guide. Found out about DOI."

"It went over important points to remember. Showed us how to find the School's APA guide. Refreshed memory, very useful."