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Contact us - Library

The Library building is currently closed. For help with a variety of enquiries you can contact the Library by:



  Teesside University Library

Telephone: 01642 342100 (Monday - Friday 09:00 - 17:00)

The iZone service is via email only, there is no staffed service

Library help live: Instant chat 4.45pm - 10.00am, 7 days per week at

Feedback on our services

Urgent help and support for mental health

Service currently not available

Please note the iPad loans service is currently not available.

Self service laptop loans

Middlesbrough Campus Library has 20 laptops available for loan to Teesside University staff andPicture of laptop loans locker students to be used within the Library building. Self service units are located on both outer sides of floor 1, near the MyPrint devices. You will need your TUSC and PIN to issue a laptop and Library accounts must be clear of fines or overdue items in order to do so.

Conditions of use:

  • 24 hour loan
  • Laptops are for use in the library building only
  • Available to loan by students and staff
  • You cannot borrow a laptop and an iPad at the same time
  • Damage or loss whilst on loan to you is your responsibility and you will be asked to pay the cost of the full repair or replacement

How do I issue/return a laptop at Middlesbrough campus?

  • Swipe / Show TUSC
  • Enter PIN & press
  • Open locker indicated with green light by pressing black button
  • Un-plug laptop from cable inside of locker
  • Take power cable
  • Close locker door firmly
  • Swipe / Show TUSC
  • Enter PIN & press
  • The correct locker door opens automatically
  • Place laptop into locker and plug into cable inside locker
  • Place power cable inside locker
  • Close locker door firmly

Information on the use of laptops

Lost or damaged laptops

Once you have issued a laptop to your library account, you are accepting full responsibility for any loss or damage to the equipment caused by your negligence or improper use. You will be asked to pay the cost of full repair or replacement of any equipment lost or damaged as a result of your negligence or improper use.


Problems with equipment

In the event of a problem with the equipment during your loan period, please contact a member of library staff. Do not attempt to fix any faults yourself as this could invalidate the warranty and leave you liable for any damage or replacement costs.


Penalties for late return

All laptops must be returned prior to the due date / time. A financial penalty will be applied for late return – immediate fine of £5 followed by a further £5 per hour to a maximum of £75.



Laptops have Microsoft Office installed and access to the internet via the TU_WiFi_LoanLaptops (NOT Eduroam), login with your University email address and password. Laptops have regular anti-virus checks. The Library cannot be responsible for virus infections spreading to a user’s removable storage.


Saving work

Save work to a USB stick. Do not save anything to the desktop or my documents as this will be lost once the lid is closed or you have logged off and will not be recoverable.


Power supply

The Library cannot guarantee the battery life of the laptops. Please take the power cable at the point of issue and return to the locker when you return the laptop.


What if the fire alarm sounds

If the fire alarm sounds during your loan period, please take the laptop with you when you exit the building. Keep the laptop in your possession throughout the period of the alarm. Return the laptop when due or after re-entry to the building.

Need help video

Need some help? To borrow a laptop you need your TUSC and PIN. Lockers are located in the MyPrint areas on both outer sides of Floor 1.

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