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Arithmetic for Drug Calculations: Succeed@Tees Workshops

Workshop 1: multiplication and conversion

The process of drug calculations involves arithmetic which deals with the study of numbers.  This session will cover:

  • A review of mathematical terms
  • Multiplication and division by 10, 100 and 1000
  • Multiplication of decimals
  • Conversion of units

Workshop 2: fractions

The arithmetic of fractions is very important groundwork for the calculation of quantity of drugs given to patients.  This session will cover:

  • Proper and improper fractions
  • Simplification of fractions
  • Multiplication of fractions

Workshop 3: oral medication and injections

This workshop will cover how to apply the techniques learned in the previous two sessions to calculate the amount of doses for injections and syrups.  It will include:

  • Worked examples for oral medication
  • Worked examples for syrups and injections

Workshop 4: infusion rates

Drugs are administered via several routes, including by intravenous infusion.  This workshop will cover how to apply the techniques learned in previous sessions to flow rates, including worked examples for per minute and per hour drip rates by using 3 different formulae.

Please Note: all 1st year students and 2nd/3rd year students who are studying Mental Health/Learning Disabilities Nursing do not need to attend this session.

Test yourself

Test your arithmetic skills before coming to a tutorial or a workshop, so that you can pinpoint the areas where you need to improve.  Have a go at:

Sample Numeracy Test 1 - see

You can print out your results as a record of how you've got on.

More Help

Mubashar (the Maths Advisor) offers bookable 1:1 tutorials and he can see small groups of students at a time in these tutorial slots. If students want to meet him as a group, please let him know in the notes field when booking. Students can book tutorials with Mubashar online (Please note that you will need your Teesside University email address).


Drug Calculations Workshops

Nurses need to facilitate the safe and accurate administration of medicines.  To do this they need to carry out basic drug calculations.

This series of workshops (and materials) have been created in order to help students understand the basic maths required in order to carry out those drug calculations.

To get the most out of these workshops it is recommended that you attend all of them.


"How to" Videos

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Dealing with anxiety ahead of the exam

There are seminars, open to all students in the University, which address key issues that can affect the student learning experience, including exam preparation and performance. 

Seminar topics include:

If you would like to attend one of the seminars, you must book a place to attend.  To do this, click on the link above, then click on the 'Book a place' button.

What students said about this workshop

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"Comfortable learning atmosphere"

"Maths made enjoyable by teacher"

"Easy to understand"

"Makes things very clear"


Further Reading

Online Tutorials

Watch these easy to understand tutorials from 'MathTutor'.  Each tutorial takes 15 to 20 minutes and explains the basic math concepts you will need to help you in calculating drug dosages.

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