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CINAHL Workshops: Succeed@Tees Workshops


Do you want to find journal articles on health-related topics?teaching

This workshop is an introduction to searching the CINAHL database - a key source for journal articles in nursing and allied health.

Who should attend?

The workshop is aimed at SoHSC students who:

  • Have never searched CINAHL before
  • Have searched CINAHL before, but found it confusing
  • Have searched CINAHL during a previous course and would like a refresher

What do we cover?

We can show you how to:

  • Consider your topic and identify keywords
  • Plan your search strategy (including use of PICO/PIO)
  • Use Boolean operators and truncation
  • Refine your search using limits
  • Complete a simple search and print your search history
  • Create an EBSCO account to save your searches

Workshop Content

Forthcoming Workshops

The workshops are on the following dates and times:

Date Time Room
Wed 31 Oct 13:00 - 14:00 L3.01, LIbrary, Middlesbrough Campus
Mon 5 Nov 17:00 - 18:00 L3.01, Library, Middlesbrough Campus
Thu 22 Nov 17.00 - 18:00 L3.01, Library, Middlesbrough Campus
Tue 27 Nov 17.00 - 18:00 L3.01, Library, Middlesbrough Campus
Tue 05 Feb 17.00 - 18:00 L3.01, Library, Middlesbrough Campus
Thu 28 Feb 17.00 - 18:00 L3.01, Library, Middlesbrough Campus
Mon 11 Mar 17.00 - 18:00 L3.01, Library, Middlesbrough Campus
Wed 20 Mar 13.00 - 14:00 L3.01, Library, Middlesbrough Campus

There's no need to book - just come along

If you need any adjustments to fully access this session, please contact in advance

Developing a search strategy

This series of videos from e-LfH (NHS, Health Education England) will take you through the steps needed to develop an effective search strategy.

Introduction to SearchingIntroduction to SearchingThis video helps you to: recognise when you need to conduct a search; identify which  searching skills you need to develop; and find out where you can access further help with searching.

Where do I Start SearchingWhere do I Start Searching?: This video explores what types of information are available and where to search for them. As well as CINAHL, the University subscribes to a variety of health resources which will be useful for you in your research. You can access these through the A-Z of databases or your subject LibGuide.

This video has been created by Health Education England, which means that some of the resources highlighted are only available to NHS employees. If you are a Healthcare student, on an education program which involves practice and placement within an NHS provider, you can access these additional resources through Open Athens.

How Do I Start to Develop a Search Strategy?How do I Start to Develop a Search Strategy?: This video will help you to: focus your research topic; use frameworks to break down your topic into key concepts; identify additional search terms to broaden your search; use AND/OR to combine search terms. Although other frameworks are shown in this video, the School of Health and Social Care recommends the PICO/PIO/PEO framework.

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