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Doing a Literature Search for your dissertation or project: Help


Doing a Literature Search for your dissertation or project 

Are you undertaking any research for a dissertation or project? If you are, you will need to do a literature search to identify


relevant and appropriate material. This guide will give you simple steps and rules that will help you search more effectively.

This guide will help you to:

  • Consider your topic and identify keywords
  • Plan your search strategy using advanced search techniques

This guide is aimed at students preparing for their dissertation or final year project. Please note it is not subject specific. (School of Health and Social Care students will find the CINAHL and Critical Appraisal Succeed@Tees workshops more relevant to their needs)

To get the most out of this guide it would be helpful if you've given some thought to the subject of the topic you want to research

Support materials

Download the following document and complete the exercises in conjunction with the PowerPoint presentation above:

You may find it useful to use a search record form to keep note of your searches and results. Click on the link below to download a blank form.

Using One Good Result as a Launch Pad


If you find an article that is particularly relevant for your subject you can often follow links within that record to find other useful articles.

Using one result as a launchpad

Further Reading

Using material on this page