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Succeed @ Tees is a series of informal workshops and seminars designed and created to help you become more effective learners with your studies at Teesside University. The workshops and seminars are full of useful information, tips and practical exercises to help you develop the skills you need to get the most from your studies and your student experience. Student & Library Services are committed to enhancing your potential in your academic studies, personal life and employment.

If you need any adjustments to fully access the sessions, please contact in advance.


Our popular informal academic skills workshops are open to all students, you don't have to book just come along on the dates listed below.

The workshops are full of useful information, tips and practical exercises to help you develop the skills you need to get the most from your studies and achieve you potential.

If you can't attend any of the dates offered there is help available online. Click on the links below to view material available for each current workshop.

Succeed@Tees Workshop and Seminar feedback

We are very interested to hear your views about the workshop you attended and would welcome your feedback. Please complete the form below:


These seminars are open to all students in the University with students being introduced to key issues which can affect their student learning experience. The seminars will include:

a)  an overall introduction to the topic (e.g. motivation)

b)  introducing general elements of how the brain works with evidence from euroscience

c)  how the topic (e.g. motivation) impacts on mood, lifestyle and learning

d)  practical methods to control, alleviate and regulate different states of mind with a strong encouragement to change existing patterns of behaviour and lifestyle.

These seminars are divided into 2 parts:

Part 1 will be theory and discussion.

Part 2 will be participating in practical exercises.

There is no requirement to share anything of your personal story. These will be professionally run seminars as if you were attending an event outside the University.



Please note you must book a place to attend. Bookings are currently available for seminars up to the end of December 2017. Select your chosen seminar from the list above, then click on the 'Book a place' button.

Calendar of workshops