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Reading Lists Online: guide for academic staff

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2023-24 Reading lists

Your 2023-24 reading lists have been uploaded into RLO (Reading Lists Online) and are visible to students now. 

Please prioritise your Semester 1 lists as soon as possible. This is to allow enough time for resources to be purchased for students to use in Semester 1. You’ll be contacted again when the library is ready to receive lists for Semester 2 modules.

It is particularly important for you to revise your lists to include predominately e-books rather than books only available in printed format. For hints and tips on amending your lists to include more online resources see:, remember to check that any links to websites and journal articles on your lists still work as Library staff do not check these.

If you have made changes to your list remember to click on the publish button, otherwise the changes will not be visible to library staff or students. 

Even if your list has no changes you must send it to the library to be checked for new editions or e-book versions of book titles. To do this you have to login to RLO and select request a review (see instructions below).

If the 2023-24 list is prefixed with Subject to Approval or Subject to Review wait until the prefix has been removed by Library staff before making any changes. If you have any questions about this, please contact your Academic Librarian

Updating your lists has many benefits: 

  • Advance funds - It is especially important that reading lists for undergraduate students are up to date so students can spend their Teesside University Advance funds wisely.  
  • Accessibility – Prioritising e-books and online resources reflects the new hybrid model, and removing out of date items ensures resources are relevant. 
  • Availability - The earlier you publish your lists the quicker the Library will be able to order new resources and updated editions.

Blackboard Ultra

Reading List and LibGuide links are added automatically to each module in Blackboard Ultra. You can check this is working correctly by following the guidance in the Blackboard: LibGuides and Reading List E-learning Help Guide.

If you have any issues with this, please contact your Academic Librarian.