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A-Z Databases

Find the best library databases for your research.

Please note that all databases are provided for educational use only. Click the accessibility statement icon for each database to view, the third party accessibility information.


New / Trial Databases

The following databases are newly acquired or being evaluated for a future subscription.
Cambridge University Press journals cover a broad range of subjects including all the main subjects in the humanities, social sciences and hard sciences. Their key areas are applied science, environment and conservation, agriculture, neuroscience and biomedicine, history, area studies, language and linguistics, political science and international relations
Digimap Collections are EDINA services that deliver maps and map data of Great Britain to UK tertiary education.
Users can view, print and customise maps with our Roam application, or map data is available either to download to use with appropriate application software such as GIS or CAD.
Collections includes:
Historic Digimap - historic maps from Landmark
Geology Digimap - geological maps and data from the British Geological Survey
Marine Digimap - hydrographic maps and data from OceanWise Ltd
Environment Digimap - Land Cover Maps from the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH)
Aerial Digimap - high resolution Aerial Imagery data from Getmapping Plc
Lidar Digimap - high resolution Lidar data from national agencies
In this journal collection we have access to:
1475 titles in Social Science and Humanities Library
532 titles in Science & Technology Library
203 titles in Medical Library