British Standards Online
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British Standards Online
  • Included in Discovery


Full-text access to British Standards. Teesside University students do not have to pay for standards that are part of our subscription.
Please read this Important Copyright Information before using British Standards Online.
If a standard is downloaded on a University PC it will be saved to the C drive of that PC. Please move or save this to your homespace or USB for future use and/or print. To download a standard on your own device you will need the FileOpen plug-in installed.

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Can I access this resource?

To access British Standards Online you must be either:

  • A Teesside University undergraduate or postgraduate
  • A member of Teesside University Academic staff
  • A member of Teesside University Library staff
  • A TUCP Student

If you are not a member of any of these groups then unfortunately our licence does not allow access to the resource


Use of licenced material

All electronic databases are covered by licences, and failure to adhere to the terms of the licences could result in the University losing access to these resources.

The licence for British Standards Online includes the following terms:

  • The material available on British Standards Online is for educational use only
  • You may only print one hard copy of any document
  • You may only make one electronic copy of any document and this may not be copied or circulated electronically
  • Copied extracts must be deleted on expiry of the subscription

The full British Standards Online licence can be found by following the link below

 List of electronic resource licences (A-D) (This link opens in a new window)