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Business Research Methods : Online Learning

Welcome to Reading Lists Online

Reading Lists Online (RLO) will allow you to easily manage your module reading, and ensures that academic resources are available and accessible to you.


The RLO for a module can also be accessed by logging on to the relevant E-learning@tees site. 

Your module reading list contains details of items like books, journals, web pages or databases.  These items have been selected  for you by your module leaders, so when you are doing coursework the reading list is the best place to start.  However, you can (and should) also read more widely - see the sections on 'Finding Books' and 'Finding Journal Articles' for more help.

Reading lists are usually divided into the following sections:

  • Purchase items:  if you are going to buy books, buy these.  There will usually only be one or two books in this section.
  • Essential items: these are the ones that you will need to read to complete the course successfully.  
  • Recommended items: these are the items that will help you learn more about the subject.  They might be included to help you do your coursework, or because they are going to be used in a lecture or seminar.

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My lecturer has put a named journal on my reading list - do I have to read all volumes?

I've found a book that I think might help with my coursework, but it's not on the reading list. Can I use it?