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RSS feeds

RSS feeds allow you to see easily when websites have added new content.

Many databases allow you to use a RSS feed to be notified when new information related to a saved search has been added.

RefWorks has a built in RSS feed reader that allows you to store and add any feed you want.

It is located in the Search section of the RefWorks toolbar.

  • From the web when you locate a feed that you want to add (they are usually identified by an orange box with RSS or XML) copy the link (by right clicking with your mouse) and select Copy Shortcut.
  • Then jump back into RefWorks and select RSS Feed from the Search pull-down menu

Screenshot: RSS feeds 1


 Screenshot : RSS feeds2

To delete a RSS feed click on the delete icon (the red cross) to the right of your feed name.

To re-run a feed click on the hyper-linked title of the feed.

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