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Searching for records

Quick Search can be used to search all fields in a record.

  • Enter your search terms in the Search your RefWorks database box - on the menu bar to the right.

    Screenshot: Quick Search
  • You have the option to also include a search through any attached documents by clicking on the paperclip icon.
  • Click on Search.
  • The results are displayed with the search terms highlighted.

Notes on searching:

  • Not case sensitive - i.e. capitalization doesn't matter
  • Multiple words will be searched with OR between them i.e. sea lions will bring back references with sea OR lion
  • Embedded terms will be found i.e. if you search art, terms such as smart or heart will also be found
  • Avoid quotation marks (") and boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT)

The Advanced search allows you to be more specific in your search, for instance allowing you to choose a specific field (i.e. Author, Title) in which to search.

The results are displayed alphabetically by author, with the search terms highlighted.

  • From the Search drop-down menu - select Advanced.
  • Select an appropriate field to search and enter your search terms.
  • Connect the terms by AND, OR and NOT.
  • Select All References or specific folders to search.
  • Click on Search

Screenshot: Advanced search screen

Use the look-up functions from the Search drop-down menu to access browsable indexes of author, descriptor (keyword) or periodical (journal) information.

Screenshot: Look-up Indexes

You can edit the information from here, for instance to ensure that an authors name is consistent.

Screenshot: Author Look-up index

Note: the delete icon will only delete that term from the reference NOT the whole record or field.