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Editing records

RefWorks doesn't write the information - it only reads it.

It is important to check your references to make sure the information is correct and conforms to the output style you will use for your bibliography.

You may need to edit the information in a record if there are any errors.

  • Click on the pencil icon (to the right of the item) to get to the edit screen.

    Screenshot: Pencil icon for editing
  • Amend the appropriate section.

    Screenshot: Edit page
  • Click on Save Reference (bottom right).

The Global Edit function allows you to modify a specific field of information for a group of selected records.  It is an efficient way of making the same modification to multiple records in one step.

  • Select the references to modify and then click on the Global Edit icon.
    Screenshot: Global edit icon
  • Click on either Add, Move, Delete or Replace - depending on what you want to do - and fill in the appropriate details on the form.

    Screenshot: Global edit page

Note: To make global edits to specific Author names, Descriptors or Periodical names use the Edit feature in the Look-up indexes.