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Business Research Methods : Online Learning

Choosing your topic

  • A project topic should be realistic.
  • The focus of the project must reflect the subject area of your programme of study.
  • Your topic should be specific and narrow.
  • Your topic should be worthwhile, not something that is too easy or too familiar.
  • Your topic should show individuality.
  • Be honest about your personal ability - don't make it too hard for yourself.
  • Choose a topic that really interests you to sustain your motivation or is relevant to your anticipated career.

Developing your research question

question mark
Try to clarify one or two main questions which your work will address
  • What do you want to prove, disprove or explore?
  • What you are not going to be investigating is just as valid as what you are

Once you have decided on your question, measure everything you do on your project against whether it will help you answer it.  This will help prevent you from being side-tracked, and wasting time.

Project outline

In the early stages of your Business Research Project you will be required to submit a project outline.  You will then be allocated a supervisor.  A project outline would usually comprise:

1. Working title of project

2. Project aim

3. Objectives

4. Rationale:

  • Summary of what is being studied
  • Who the project will be useful to and why it will be useful to them

5. Methods:

  • How the objectives will be achieved e.g. research using books, journals, interviews, questionnaires etc.

Please check your Business Research Methods & Project Module Handbook for details of how to structure your project outline.