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Quantitative Research (Open Learning)

Quantitative Research: a basic introduction

This tutorial aims to introduce you to some of the basic ideas in quantitative research. 

                             Figures 1 to 9


By the time you have completed this tutorial you should:

  • Have an idea of what quantitative research is.
  • Know some of the key terms used in this research.
  • Be aware of some of the resources to help you in your research.
  • Know some of the methods to collect your data.
  • Be aware of the different ways to take a sample.


This tutorial will cover:

  • What quantitative research is.
  • The key terms used in quantitative research.
  • Introducing SAGE Research Methods to help you in all aspects of your research.
  • Some of the methods to collect your data.
  • Sampling.

Alternative formats

If you prefer to view this tutorial as either a Word document or as a video, select the Alternative Formats option from the left-hand menu.

Time allowance

This tutorial should take 15 mins to complete.