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Studying Independently (Open Learning)

Studying Independently : Objectives and Overview

These pages aim to introduce you to how to become an effective and independent learner.

student studying


By the time you have completed this tutorial you should be able to:

  • identify the skills required to help you study independently
  • take responsibility for your own learning needs.


Independent learning doesn't mean working on your own, it means developing your own learning styles and finding out what works for you.  This guide will help you identify and develop techniques that will help with your own independent learning needs.

What is independent learning?

When you start university you will discover that the time spent in taught lectures and lessons is much less than you are used to at school or college. Emphasis is on independent study. You will be expected to organise your time, set your own goals, stay motivated and organise your own work.

Alternative formats

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Time allowance

This tutorial should take 15 mins to complete.