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Critical Thinking: Succeed@Tees Workshops


Critical thinking - what it is and why it matters student reading

What does it mean to be a critical student? This basic workshop will introduce you to the key aspects of critical thinking:

  • the main components of an argument
  • what makes an argument succeed or fail
  • identifying supporting evidence
  • recognising the most reliable research

This session is aimed at undergraduates but is suitable for any level of study.



Read the following articles and complete an exercise sheet for each below.

Compare your answers with our completed exercise sheet below.

Article 1

Paton, G. (2012) 'Teachers call for fresh curbs on violent video games', The Daily Telegraph, 27th March.  [Accessed 27 August 2013]


 Article 2

The following article is from the Independent newspaper online:

Laurance, J. (2011) Cycle helmets: safety essential or health risk?  The Independent, 29 July. [Accessed 27 August 2013]

Forthcoming Workshops

The dates of this workshop have finished for the current academic year. 

The new programme of workshops will start again in Semester 1.

If you would like help on this topic before then please use the materials on this page or contact

What is Critical Thinking?

View the following introduction to critical thinking, which comes from the University of Leicester.

Further Reading


Remember to look for the evidence for all the arguments that you come across.

Succeed@Tees Workshop and Seminar feedback

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