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Database Licence Restrictions: SciFinder

Can I access this resource?

To access SciFinder you must be either:

  • A member of Teesside University academic staff
  • A member of Teesside University administrative staff
  • A current Teesside University undergraduate or postgraduate
  • A TVHEBP student

If you are not a member of any of these groups then unfortunately our licence does not allow access to the resource

Access SciFinder for the first time

In order to access SciFinder you must first register with the site by setting up an account

You will need to register with your name and contact information.  The email address you provide must be your Teesside University email address.

You will be prompted to create your own username and password for SciFinder.  An email will then be sent to your Teesside University email address with a confirmation link that you must click within 48 hours in order to confirm your registration.  Please note that you must be on campus when you set up and verify your account.

I have already registered with SciFinder

If you have already set up your SciFinder account please follow the link below to log in.

You will first be prompted for your Teesside University username and password, followed by your SciFInder username and password.