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24/7 Library opening: Middlesbrough Campus Library

Contact us - Library

For help with a variety of enquiries you can contact the Library by:



  Teesside University Library

Check our opening hours

Telephone 01642 335019 (Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm)

Feedback on our services

Urgent help and support for mental health

Take a break

To relax and refocus it is really important to take the time to have a break.

Making sure you eat well and stay hydrated is important. 

Vending machines are available on the ground floor of the library.

Entry to the Library

Access control gates are fitted at the entrance to Middlesbrough Campus Library, Teesside University students and staff need a TUSC to enter and exit the library. The use of controlled access helps to improve the management of the Library learning environment.

Please remember to swipe in and swipe out with your TUSC each time, otherwise you may have problems entering the Library on subsequent visits.

To select TUSC related actions such as cancel or replace a lost TUSC use the MyTUSC link below.

You MUST show your TUSC

University staff and students can use the library 24/7.  You must show your TUSC to enter and remain in the library during self-service hours.  Anyone without a TUSC will be asked to leave. 

Staff will be checking TUSCs Monday - Friday prior to 19.00, Saturday and Sunday prior to 17:00. Self service hours vary, see for details.

If you need a replacement TUSC, please use the MyTUSC link below, this enables you to select TUSC related actions such as cancel or replace a lost TUSC.

Keeping the Library clean and fit for study


Food which carries a strong odour, or which is noisy or otherwise disruptive to other users should not be taken onto the upper floors of the Library building.  All drinks in the Library must be non-alcoholic and in a covered container.

Cleaning will take place in the library daily, predominantly from 06.30-09.00.  During this period cleaners will need to work around students in the building and may need to carry out noisy activities such as vacuuming. Cleaning may be required during other times to keep the study environment clean and fit for purpose. 

Help us to keep the Library clean for everyone to study in, please put your litter in the bins provided.


Student PC Updates

Student PCs will update automatically during the night.  If you are using a PC while this happens, the update will take place in the background without impacting on PC use, although the PC may seem slightly slower during the process.

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Middlesbrough Campus Library is located in Teesside University Campus Heart

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FAQs on 24/7

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