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What is Open Access?

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An increasing number of scholarly materials (books, journals, conference papers) are being made freely available online as Open Access materials. These materials have been peer reviewed, quality checked and the full text is available online.  

The following links give access to some of the key Open Access resources. The lists are by no means exhaustive but give an indication of the range of material available on open access.

Open Access resources by category

Finding specific articles:

Open Access Button ( uses the web interface or internet browser plugin to search for a freely available legal versions of a particular article, using its title, URL, DOI or PubMed ID. 

Unpaywall (https:// while you browse publisher webpages, this plugin will indicate whether a freely available copy of an article is available from a repository and will give you access at a click of a button. 

Kopernio ( is a chrome extension that finds legal open access copies of individual articles from our library subscriptions and open access versions.