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Self-management of expectations


Motivation - make this day greatMotivation

Many students report a lack of motivation and find it difficult to get started with their study.

Negative thoughts such as "I'll never get it done", "I can always do it later" nfluence your emotions and behaviours.

Try to identify why you feel you have poor motivation.

  • Next time you lack of motivation, write down what you are thinking and feeling at the time.

 This sway introduces you to strategies to motivate yourself.

Self-beliefYou need to have the self-belief that you can achieve your tasks and goals.

Our Self-Belief LibGuide introduces you to tools and technques to help with this.

Growth mindsetOccasionally you may experience thoughts like, ‘I’m can't do X [eg maths]’. 

This type of thinking is a fixed mindset. It can stop you achieving your goal because you use it as an excuse to stop trying! 

A growth mindset means you BELIEVE your abilities aren’t fixed; they grow! This mindset means you CAN acquire the skills and put in the time to successfully achieve your goal.

Our Growth Mindset LibGuide introduces you to tools and technques to help with this.