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Academic Resilience: the key to overcoming setbacks

Overcoming setbacks

Overcoming setbacksSetbacks in your academic progress can be unexpected things that happen that can result in disappointment and your performance not being as good as you had hoped.

For example:

  • Lower grades than you expected
  • levels of anxiety greater than you have previously experienced
  • missing assessment deadlines or failing exams

Overcoming fear of failureIt is impossible to prepare ahead for unexpected events but your reaction to those events, should they happen, can make the difference between success and failure. 

Failure is not something to be feared and much can be learned from facing up to problems

  • Accept responsibility for problems when that is appropriate
    • Think about what you might do differently next time
  • Communicate early with the staff who are teaching or supporting you
  • Look for solutions 
  • Later reflect on any lessons or skills that you have gained as a result of overcoming adversity. 


bent tree by the effect of the coastal wind, with the sea and a few white houses in the backgroundMyths about being resilient

Making Mistakes Means I'm Not Capable

  • Truth: Mistakes are normal and important for learning and growing.
  • They are a regular part of being a student and life in general.

Resilient People Only Work Independently

  • Truth: Resilient people seek support; asking for help makes problem-solving easier.
  • Connect with your personal tutor or use the Learning Hub for study support.

Academically Resilient People Find Large Tasks Easy

  • Truth: Resilient individuals break down big tasks into smaller, manageable goals.
  • This approach makes it easier to complete the entire project; reward yourself for achieving these smaller goals.

Feeling Out of My Comfort Zone Means I Don't Belong in My Area of Study

  • Truth: Stepping out of your comfort zone is crucial for learning and personal growth.
  • It provides opportunities to expand knowledge and try new things.