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Writing Concisely



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Writing Concisely Workshop

Have you ever received feedback that you need to be concise, or do you struggle to keep within your wordcount? The aim of this 30 minute online workshop is to enable you to put your points across more clearly.  It covers:  

  • What to avoid  

  • Helpful tips 

  • Good practice

This session is aimed at undergraduates but is suitable for any level of study. 

Recording of a previous workshop: Writing concisely - recording of workshop on 3 November 2021  


Forthcoming Writing Concisely Workshops

Online workshop (no booking required) Thursday 23 March 2023 12.30-13.00   To join the session click on this link:


If you need further information or any adjustments to fully access our sessions, please contact in advance. 

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Information and videos on writing concisely

These guides will introduce you to the basics of writing concisely:
  • what to avoid
  • helpful tips
  • good practice


Video Recording of Writing Concisely Workshop

Link to video for writing concisely workshop recording


Visual Guides


Writing Concisely PowerPoint
Writing concisely video
(from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Writing Center)
Link to  writing concisely powerpoint Link to video on writing concisely from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Writing Center    


Printable Guides


Writing Concisely               
Academic keywords or clue words
Link to printable guide for writing concisely   Link to printable guide on academic keywords or clue words



Next steps

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You can book one-to-one tutorials with a member of our learning and development team for help with your writing. 

For more information, and to book online, click on the tutorial icon below: 

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