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Studying at a UK University: Help


Studying at a UK University

Is this the first time you’ve studied at a UK University? Are you unsure about the differences between studying at a higher level in the UK compared with your home country? 

This workshop will cover: 

  • the potential differences between studying in your home country and the UK 
  • skills that you need to develop to be successful at a UK university
  • how you can develop those skills 
  • what support is available  

It is a generic workshop not tailored to a specific subject area. Students from any discipline are welcome.  

If you need further information or any adjustments to fully access this session, please contact in advance.  

This is a Succeed@Tees workshop delivered by Student & Library Services. 


Workshop dates

There will be no more sessions this academic year for this workshop. Please see the recording below:

Studying at a UK University - recording of the workshop


Support materials

You can use this action plan to identify the main areas you need to develop for studying at university

This table gives you abbreviations and symbols you can use when taking notes in lectures and seminars.

These are the slides from the workshop

Further Reading

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Link to online reading list of additional resources and further reading

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