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NHS Resources: Useful Links

Local NHS Contacts

University Hospital of North Tees Library                                            

University Hospital of Hartlepool & University Hospital of North Tees Library: 

North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust website: 


Friarage Hospital (Friarage Library): ​Email:

James Cook University Hospital (Rodney Cove-Smith Library): 

South Tees Hospitals NHS Trust

Darlington Memorial Hospital Library

Darlington Memorial Hospital: 

Prospect House County Durham                                                           

Prospect House (University Hospital North Durham): 

County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust Library Website:

County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust website:

Darlington (West Park Hospital Library) Darlington (West Park Hospital Library): Email:                                                            
Durham (Lanchester Road Hospital) Library Durham (Lanchester Road Hospital): Email:
Middlesbrough (Roseberry Park Library)

Middlesbrough (Roseberry Park Library): Email:    

Scarborough (Cross Lane Hospital Library)                          

Scarborough (Cross Lane Hospital Library): Email:

TEWV Library website:

Library Catalogue:

Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Trust website:

South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Trust 

HLISD currently has just over 700 library entries and over 1,000 names in the Contacts field. The directory covers the whole of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland and all sectors, whether NHS, Further or Higher Education, professional bodies, voluntary organisations or patient information.

Website and Directory:

Open Athens

NHS Open Athens

The NHS uses OpenAthens to access online journals, databases, and other resources. 

Students on health-related courses which go on placement in NHS Trusts, will get access to both the national resources within OpenAthens, as well as access to resources specific to their local placement Trust.

Local Trust Resources

Students will sign up for their local Trust resources when they go out on placement. There is more information about the process available on the OpenAthens registration help web page.

National Resources

Students can sign up to the National OpenAthens resources when they go out on placement too, or they can self-register for this beforehand if necessary. 

Access to the national content, will last for the duration of a student’s time at university.

Eligible students can self-register for this via the Register for a NHS England OpenAthens account web page. There are help pages to assist with this.

Details of the national resources can be found on the NHS website.