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Chapters To You

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What is Chapters To You?

The Chapters To You service allows you to request scans of book chapters or journal articles from print materials. You do not have to come on to campus. Place your request, we will scan the journal article or book chapter and send you a link to the extract for your own personal use.

  • You can request up to 5 items a week to be scanned.
  • We will email the items to your university email address.
  • The service is open to all students and staff at Teesside University.
  • We aim to deliver your request within 5 working days, but there are times when this will not be possible, for example if the book is on loan.

How do I make a request?


Before submitting your request, please check Discovery to make sure the item is not already available electronically.

Copyright restrictions mean you can request:

  • One single chapter from a book, your request will be returned to you if you request multiple chapters from the same book
  • One single article from an issue of a journal.

As Chapters To You requests are for your own use and must not be shared we ask for your module code so that popular requests can be added to Blackboard for all students on the module.


Members of staff can also use the Chapters To You service for their own research, subject to the same copyright restrictions above, just complete the module field of the request form with "private study". To request an extract to be made available for teaching please use the Scanning for Teaching service.


How do I identify which chapter I need?

It can be difficult to know which chapter you need when you don’t have the book in front of you. There are a few tips you can use to get a look at the contents before you place your request.  

First take a look at the catalogue record on Discovery, the chapter titles may be listed.

Another easy way to view a table of contents is to check the Amazon listing for the title, you can often use the Look Inside feature to view the contents page. 

 Our ebooks guide has some further options. 

 If you’re still having trouble locating a table of contents you can ask us to scan the contents page and send it to you. Just complete the request form as usual and put “table of contents” in the chapter name field. 


Chapters To You extracts are supplied as a link to the Kortext e-reader, like the readings you find in Blackboard. Some users have experienced issues seeing a blank page on opening the link. This can usually be resolved by clicking on the Download icon to the left of the e-reader screen, the icon features a downward arrow.

You may also find that opening the link in a different browser resolves this issue.

If you are continuing to experience difficulties accessing your request please contact

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