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Reference Management

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About EndNote

  • Keep all your references and reference-related materials in a searchable personal library.
  • Synchronize your references between your online library, and your iPad, through EndNote Sync. 

  • Share your references with collaborators through EndNote Sync.

  • Use your references in word-processing documents to create formatted citations and bibliographies or independent reference lists.

Getting started

University Staff and Students


For home machines, go to the My University page to get to the download link: My University (

Once you’ve download the software, contact IT Help ( and someone will remote onto your computer and fill in the licence key. 


If you are working away from the University you then then use the online version at which allows you to synchronise documents between the online version of EndNote and the desktop version installed on the PC.



There are many tools available to help you with referencing.  At Teesside, we also support RefWorks which enables you to create and manage your own personal database of useful references. You can then use these to quickly compile a reference list .

Whichever tool you use, you'll need to adjust your references to make sure that they fit in with your appropriate style, for example with Cite them Right for Harvard.

There are many online guides and videos to help you get started: