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What is RefWorks?

RefWorks is a web-based tool that allows you to create and manage your own personal database of useful references. You can then use these to quickly compile a bibliography for your reports and papers.

It also allows you to collaborate and share your research with colleagues.

What does it do?

  • You can import references directly from a number of online databases
  • It allows you to organise, store and manage your references
  • It allows you to automatically format your bibliography in a variety of styles
  • It allows you to share your references with colleagues

However : always check your bibliography, some editing may be required. You still need to have an understanding of the referencing style your School requires.

For further help: please contact

A new interface and upgraded version of RefWorks is now available.

The existing (Legacy) version will remain available for the foreseeable future.

If you are an existing user then you can carry on using the Legacy version for the time being.
You can transfer your references over to the New version at anytime  - see the tabbed box (above) on how to transfer your existing account over.  
Note: You will still have access to your Legacy version even though you have created a new account in the New version.

If you are new to RefWorks you can log in via the New version or use the Legacy version - see tabbed boxes (above) in this box on how to login in to either version and the menu options on the left for more details on how to use.


For systematic reviews we would recommend using Legacy for the time being.

What the new version offers:

  • a simplified and more intuitive interface
  • an option for auto-completion of references
  • an option to upload and create references from pdf documents
  • tools to read, highlight and add comments and notes to your pdf documents
  • an option to preview your references in the style of your choice with any possibly missing information highlighted
  • a Google Docs Add-in for writing and formatting papers in Google Docs
  • Option to create Projects.

To find out more information on New RefWorks click on the menu option to the left.

New RefWorks login


  Click on the option to login to New RefWorks button in the box below to login.  

  Select Use login from my institution, choose Teesside and enter

   your university username and password.


To find out more information on Legacy RefWorks click on the menu option to the left.

Click on the button to login to Legacy RefWorks below to login.  Choose Teesside and enter your university username and password.

  • Login into Legacy as normal - you click on the Legacy button below on this page (use your Teesside University username and password to login)
  • Select the option to move to the newest version of RefWorks - this is in the top-left corner
    Link to move to the new version of RefWorks
  • Sign-up to the new version
  • Fill in the form - enter your first and last name and details of your School (e.g. School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Law) and role in the University (e.g. Undergraduate)
  • Click on Next and continue clicking on Next to see features of the new RefWorks and then on Done.
  • Your references and folders should carry across - Check under My Folders
  • Any problems, please contact

Important Information:

If you have been working on a document and using Write-n-Cite in Legacy it is recommended that you continue using Legacy for that document.

You can move references from your Legacy account into your New account BUT not from your New account back into your Legacy account.

New and Legacy RefWorks

New RefWorks                                                  Legacy RefWorks

Login to New RefWorksLogin to Legacy RefWorks Button