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Discovery Basic Help

Navigating and Refining results

Once you have completed a search in Discovery, you will see the results displayed on the screen. Each result displays in a similar manner, depending upon result type. Journal articles for instance display like the image below. Your results can be refined to find those that focus on your area of interest.


The number of results for your search may be very high initially, but you can refine  your results using several options on the left hand side of the screen. You can refine your search by limiting to full text online, to peer reviewed articles, by content type, by date, by discipline or by subject term. Just click on name of the option you want and a check mark will appear.






A quick way of focusing results onto an area you are interested in is to use either Discipline or Subject Term. You can pick more than 1 Discipline and more than 1 Subject Term .

Discipline limits the results to those that come from a general area of interest

Subject Term limits the results to those that only contain a certain subject term in them