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Discovery Basic Help

Getting Started

Basic Search

Do not use complete sentences in the search box. Only include the important keywords.

Here are several examples of what you would type into the search box:

  • Child psychology
  • Victorian exploration Africa
  • Biotechnology
  • Enhanced oil recovery
  • Community nursing
  • NHS
  • Forensic accounting
  • Human resource management
  • Games animation
  • Digital storytelling

Keep in mind:

Using more keywords produces a more specific set of results.

When looking at your search results use the More detailoption to view an abstract, chapter headings or a contents page of the term, to help you judge its relevance.‚Äč

Search results will initially be unfiltered, you will find items including journal articles, newspaper articles, printed books, eBooks, DVDs and even video files.

A simple search of one or two words may return tens of thousands of results; use the refine options available to improve the returned results.


Comprehensive searches should be done in subject specific databases. See Subject Libguides