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Commuter students advice

Planning for delays

  • Let tutors, lecturers and project group members know you commute
    • This will help them understand when the occasional delay happens
  • If you miss a lecture, see if it was recorded
  • Ask others in your classes to take notes for you (and do the same for them)
  • Keep time in your schedule to catch-uo
    • ‚ÄčThe content of the next lecture may require knowledge from the previous week
  • Decide if the delay is going to be short and you can still come in
  • If it is a long delay it may be better to work from home
  • Keep to your normal routine as much as possible - it is still possible to have a productive afternoon, even if you missed your morning class
  • Try not to use regular delays as an excuse not to bother
    • You'll fall behind and miss out on valuable contact time
  • You may need to change the way you travel e.g. transport
  • You may need to swap seminar groups or stay with a friend