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Commuter students advice

Advantages and disadvantages of being a commuter student

Staying local or commuting to university may not be seen as the typical situation for students, but many find it to be a better option for a variety of reasons.


Saves Money

Staying at home for University means you save an awful lot of money which you otherwise would have spent on living expenses had you moved away from home.

This can come from not having to pay for room and board, not having a meal plan, and not having to worry about the general upkeep of having a room on campus.

You can save even more money by packing a lunch each day, and not allowing spending money on food when on campus.

As you would have saved a considerable amount of money, you may have the freedom to pursue personal  interests such as eating out, shopping and socialising .


Family support

University isn’t always easy. We may get stressed about studying or feel down and lonely because we are finding it difficult to form new friendships. Sometimes we need our family to comfort us during the tough times. Having your family around you can offer the support you need.
It also makes it easier for you to fulfill family commitments.


Avoid Housemate problems

As you live at home, you get to avoid any conflicts that arise in shared student living such as arguments about cleanliness and incidences of having food stolen. 


Minimal Distractions

You have the benefit of studying in your room with minimal distractions which makes it easier to focus on your studies.If you had lived away from home, there is a chance you may be living with noisy housemates and may find yourself struggling to concentrate on your studies.

By commuting to school, you can make a clear boundary between your schoolwork and your social life. 

By staying on campus, you are more inclined to go back to your dorm room to be with your roommate, or have more social time with your friends, which results in you pushing your studies to the side. It all depends on what type of student you are, and how well you can deal with distractions.  

Commuter study


If you’re lucky enough to get an empty seat on the bus or train, you can use the time to catch up on studying.

Local map

Knowing the local area

It can be an advantage to be familiar with the local area e.g. good restaurants, places to relax, people who can help your studies as this saves time. 

When considering staying on campus, or commuting, it is important to find the balance that works best for you.

Petrol Depending on how far away you live from university, petrol can be costly, especially if you have a car that does not have amazing fuel consumption.

It is harder to be involved in campus clubs and events and to make friends.

It’s all about figuring out what can fit into your schedule, while allowing your schedule to be flexible.


Scheduling can be difficult, with classes taking place throughout the week and sometimes with times in between, when classes are not timetabled. 

Try to use this time to study in the library or join in some of the University events.