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Associates/TUCP Staff

‚ÄčCertain staff working for, or in partnership with Teesside University are termed Associate staff and may be entitled to register with the Library.  The school to which you are affiliated is responsible for creating your associate number and should inform you of your associate category. Your category will define if you have access to library services, please check at the iZone on the ground floor of the library if you require further information.


Getting your TUSC

You will be issued with a Teesside University smart card (TUSC).

If you have received an induction from Human Resources, you will have your image captured and TUSC printed as part of the induction process. If your category entitles you to access library services, you will need to complete a library registration form in order for your library account to be created, please ask at the iZone on the ground floor of the Library.

If you haven't received an induction and are entitled to use library services, you will be required to complete a library registration form which will allow us to create your library record and print your TUSC.


IT account

If you are entitled to an IT account, this will be created by your school/department. Your account will begin with an 'X' and will form your IT account username. You will need to go to your school helpdesk to collect your IT account password.


Electronic resources

Associate borrowers may be entitled to access some of our electronic resources, however this is dependent on license agreements. Please direct any queries to 


Further information

For more information on services please use the relevant links below.