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Welcome to PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions)

PASS leaders

What is PASS?

PASS is an internationally recognised scheme whereby students are trained to mentor and guide students in lower years to support their learning through study sessions.


How does PASS work?

PASS sessions are weekly and can take a variety of formats, but the agenda is generally student led and based on the module lecture for that week. PASS leaders use a variety of techniques to facilitate the group to talk about any areas that are unclear and to enable the group to support each other to build on existing understanding.‚Äč

For 2021-22, we are hoping to run PASS face to face, but this will depend on government guidance.



PASS leaders
PASS leaders
PASS leaders
PASS leaders


Your PASS Supervisors

PASS Supervisors

The PASS Supervisors organise the PASS scheme and support PASS Leaders.  We can be contacted by emailing:

We are: (standing) Sue, Gemma, Mark, Yvonne , (sitting) Helen, Patricia