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Copyright advice for students, staff and researchers at Teesside University

This guide is intended to provide some guidelines to ensure that teaching staff, researchers and students at Teesside University stay within the law when making print and electronic copies of copyright materials.


link to basic copyright information

link to copyright information for students

link to copyright information for teaching

Copyright - the basics



Copyright - for students



Copyright - for teaching






link to copyright information for research

link to more in-depth information on copyright  

Copyright - for research



Copyright - need to know more?






Disclaimer: Although the University has a responsibility to ensure staff and students are aware of copyright law, it remains the responsibility of the person making the copy to ensure that they do not infringe copyright. The information on this guide is intended as a general guideline of current copyright issues.  It is not intended to be legal advice.  The Copyright Licensing Co-ordinators for the University are based in Legal and Governance Services.