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Copyright for academic staff

When making copyrighted materials available to your students for learning and teaching purposes it is essential that you do not infringe copyright law.

Although copyright law in the UK is governed by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act (CPDA) 1984, it was recognised that lecturers needed to deliver multi-media teaching materials.  In 2014 a number of changes were made to the law to enable this without infringing copyright law: Exceptions to copyright: Education and Teaching

The University also holds licences such as the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) HE Licence and the Educational Recording Agency (ERA) Licence which allows you to copy and re-use materials for teaching purposes.

For general copyright advice see Copyright - the basics

Copying printed materials for teaching and instruction
Digital copies for teaching and instruction
Linking to electronic resources in E-Learning@Tees and Brightspace
Using images in teaching
Broadcast video and audio recordings
Recording lectures
Disclaimer: Although the University has a responsibility to ensure staff and students are aware of copyright law, it remains the responsibility of the person making the copy to ensure that they do not infringe copyright. The information on this guide is intended as a general guideline of current copyright issues.  It is not intended to be legal advice.   The Copyright Licensing Co-ordinators for the University are based in Legal and Governance Services.