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Copyright for researchers

It is inevitable that as a researcher you will build upon the work and ideas of others as well as creating your own research outputs.  You will be required to disseminate your research, however this dissemination must not only take account of copyright law, it must also adhere to licences and agreements with publishers, funders and other relevant parties.

You must take into consideration:

  • how you protect your own copyright in the work you produce
  • how you can use the ideas of others without infringing copyright
  • when you may need to obtain copyright permission.

For general copyright advice see Copyright - the basics

Who owns the copyright on my research outputs?

Your PhD theses and copyright
Publishing Open Access and copyright
Your research data and copyright
Creative Commons explained
Disclaimer: Although the University has a responsibility to ensure staff and students are aware of copyright law, it remains the responsibility of the person making the copy to ensure that they do not infringe copyright. The information on this guide is intended as a general guideline of current copyright issues.  It is not intended to be legal advice.   The Copyright Licensing Co-ordinators for the University are based in Legal and Governance Services.