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Using feedback effectively

What is feedback?

Assessment feedback is provided by your tutors to explain the mark given.

Formative feedback

  • Formative assessment doesn’t go towards your final grade for that assignment
  • Formative feedback helps you to improve for when you do the summative assignment.

Summative feedback

  • Summative assessment is what counts for that module
  • Feedback is different from the exam and assessed coursework marks or grades
  • Feedback tells you what you have done well and how you can improve.

Written and printed feedback

Written and printed feedback involves the following:

  • Generic feedback to a group of learners
  • Model answers, specimen solutions, frequently occurring problems sheets
  • Comments written by lecturers on coursework
  • Emails by lecturers about your coursework
  • Handouts given after completion of work.

Written and printed feedback

Face to face feedback

Face to face feedback involves the following:

  • Sharing ideas with other students (in class or online)
  • Feedback to whole lecture groups
  • Comments from other students on your work
  • Discussion of your work in tutorials or 1:1 meetings with tutors.

Face to face feedback

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