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Research Methods

Research Methods

Research methodsLab work and reportlaptop and files of research

Introduction to Research Methods

Research involves collecting information sources and data. Research methods are the tools which you use to carry out this research. They help you find, analyse and interpret the information. 

As you conduct your searches, you might find quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods research. You might conduct primary or secondary research as part of your studies.

This guide has been created to help you navigate through this process and understand the differences between the research areas.

The video below discusses how to choose the most appropriate research method for your project. Professor Stephen Gorard explains how researchers should start by defining what they want to explore and then choose the research methods which are most suitable for this.

Link to video on How do I choose between different research methods?

Useful Resources

Click on the image below to access the reading list which includes resources used in this guide as well as some additional useful resources.

Link to online reading list of additional resources and further reading

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