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Help before you arrive at Teesside

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Key Support before you arrive

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Studying at university

If you are wondering what to expect from university studies, the information below will help you get prepared.

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Read through the Head Start: Studying at University guide. This will take you through what to expect from university study. Including:

  • the differences between studying at school or college and at university and 
  • the skills that you need to develop to be successful at university

When learning remotely, you will find you have to learn through live-streamed lectures and seminars, or through lecture recordings. The Digital student guide will help you get to grips with online learning and hybrid teaching. You can also self-assess your digital skills.


Before you begin your studies, there are some key things you can do in preparation.

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Student support

There are key support services available within the university, ensuring that you will be supported every step of the way.

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Have a look at the current students page, to explore what support there is for you during your studies.

You can also access independent support and advice from the Students' Union.

For more information about the different services, see the Student Support page of this guide.

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