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Final Year of Studies

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Final year support

Final year project and examsGraduation and the future

Final year projects and exams

Final year projects

Final year projects come in all shapes and sizes. They can be dissertations, systematic reviews, literature reviews, service improvements or business plans. They can feel daunting but there is lots of support for you.

As well as the skills guides below make sure to check your Subject LibGuide for lots of useful resources.

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Where to start 

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Notepad and pencil


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The full process

  • Doing your dissertation:
    • Brings together the resources for the key stages of doing a dissertation, from the initial research proposal stage to planning and writing your final version.
  • Systematic Reviews:
    • Aimed at postgraduate researchers, from Health and Social Sciences, Humanities and Law who are carrying out a full systematic review. It looks at defining the review question and developing criteria for including studies; searching for studies; and selecting studies and collecting data.



Graduation and the future

When you graduate, you become part of the Teesside alumni family. This does not mean the end of your University journey and there is lots of support for you as you decide on your next steps.


Student Futures:

Student Futures can support you with all aspects of your career. Including: planning your next steps; finding ways to get invaluable experience, or helping with a job application or updating your CV.

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Further Study

If you are thinking about investing your time and funds in further study, see the further study section of this guide for more information.

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