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Pastoral and Academic Support Throughout University

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Student support at Teesside University

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Student Wellbeing is here to help you to stay healthy and well while at university. We support healthy lifestyles through a range of services and activities on and off campus. As well as the skills guides below, there is more information available on the university website.

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  • Academic Resilience: the key to overcoming setbacks:
    • Learn how to build up your resilience to help you cope with change and stress in your university years and beyond.
  • Critical self-reflection:
    • Reflecting helps you to develop your skills and see if they are effective. It can help you decide if there is a better way of doing it in the future.
  • Growth Mindset: how to look at problems in a positive way:
    • Having a growth mindset means you might bounce back quickly from failure. It also makes you more likely to explore how you can get better at doing something.
  • How to study well:
    • Learn what to expect from university study, including academic and personal skills that you need to develop and recognising how you learn best.
  • Self-belief: thinking positively about yourself and your abilities:
    • Self-belief means that you should have enough self-confidence to change, but not over-estimate your abilities.Look at how to build your self-belief.
  • Self-management of expectations:
    • Explore how to set clear expectations of what it is like to be in higher education. If your expectations and your reality are different then there is a gap that could widen and impact negatively on your academic success.
  • Succeed@exams:
    • Top tips to help succeed with exams include: managing stress; looking after yourself; preparation; the day of the exam; and getting help.
  • Time Management:
    • Learn how to plan effectively when studying at university as it can be difficult to balance all the things in life that demand your time and attention.

Student support services

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There are key support services available within the University which you will get to know throughout your time at University.  Have a look at the current students page, to explore what support there is for you during your studies. This will include:

You can also access independent support and advice from the Students' Union

Life float

We understand that things may not go to plan during your studies. You might want to change course, interrupt your studies or even withdraw.

Before you make any of those decisions, ensure you speak with and get support from key people within the University. This could be from your personal tutor, module tutor or careers adviser

There are also Retention (Student) Support Officers for each School, who can discuss your academic issues with you. To get in touch with them, please email

The Students' Union have academic advisers who can give students free, impartial and confidential advice. This can include advice regarding academic misconduct, complaints and fitness to practice.  

Support within the schools

There is lots of support available within the 5 Schools at Teesside. 

Five boxes, each containing one of the School names within Teesside University: MIMA School of Art and Design; School of Computing, Engineering and Digital Technologies; School of Health and Life Sciences; School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Law; and Teesside University Business School.

You can also view the programme catalogue for detailed information about current courses and awards

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