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Using your Library

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For help with a variety of enquiries you can contact the Library by:



  Teesside University Library

Check our opening hours

Telephone 01642 342100 (Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm)

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Urgent help and support for mental health

How do I book a group space in the Library?

  • Click the link above or go to groupspace and select your preferred study space
  • Your booking confirmation will be emailed to your Teesside University email address
  • Bookings can also be made at the iZone or by telephoning (01642) 342100, you need to provide your name and a Teesside University email address
  • Please cancel your booking if you do not need it by following the link on your confirmation email or contact Library staff
  • Group spaces can be booked in advance for use during self-service hours. Please confirm that your booking details are accurate as we cannot help with queries for group spaces during self-service periods.

Group space in the Library

What group spaces are available for customers in the Library?

When you use a group area please respect the learning environment and the needs of other library users, group discussions should be carried out quietly. The following facilities are available for group work:

  • Ground floor Learning Pods 1 and 2 equipped with a PC and large flat screen - located on the ground floor of the Library behind the iZone and are bookable.
  • Ground floor The Hive - located behind the iZone, bookable and equipped with an interactive whiteboard and PC. 
  • Floor 1 – Collaborate (CL1 – 6), 1 - 6 are equipped with a PC and large flat screen and are bookable.

Bookings for space will be released after 15 minutes for non-attendance.


How long can I book a group space for?

The Hive, Learning Pods 1 & 2 (GF) and Collaborate 1-6 may be booked up to 7 days in advance for a maximum of 2 hours per week per customer.


Leaving group space

When you have finished using any group space please ensure that you leave it clean and tidy, remove any rubbish and return furniture back to its original position. Report any problems to staff in the iZone. 


Alternative group space

To enquire about booking a University room or group space please email or visit M2.08 in the Middlesbrough Tower. 

Alternate study space in the Students' Union Building

Looking for alternate study space - why not try the Students' Union Building?

The Love It Lounge (1st floor, SU building) provides power points, a wide range of comfortable seating, plasma screens and easy connection to the Teesside University wireless network. The space is available to use during Students' Union Building opening hours.  The space incorporates 2 meeting rooms (bookable through the SU Welcome Desk on the first floor) which include plasma screens and network/ power points.

The SU Studio (2nd floor in the SU Building) includes 2 bookable meeting rooms, 10 computers, and a wide range of break out space.  The main SU Studio space is open from 9am weekdays and can be accessed using your TUSC. You need to book meeting rooms through the SU Welcome Desk (1st floor, SU Building and open 9am to 5pm) and report there to get access to them. there for access.