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Using your Library

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For help with a variety of enquiries you can contact the Library by:


telephone icon01642 342100  (Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm)





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Urgent help and support for mental health

Library Regulations and policies


Staff and students studying in the Library need to work together in order to maintain an environment conducive to learning.

The aim of the Library regulations is to protect the interests of Teesside University Library and its users.



Access to the Library

Access control gates are fitted at the entrance to Middlesbrough Campus Library. Library members need a TUSC to enter and exit the Library. 


Student Code of Conduct

The Student Code of Conduct sets out the expectations the University has in respect of the behaviour of all its students. In the interests of maintaining a good working environment within the Library, USERS MUST NOT, for example:

  • consume alcohol
  • smoke
  • cause undue noise
  • reserve seats
  • engage in any other conduct harmful to the operation of the Library, and undertake any other behaviour which its staff deems to be inappropriate.


Food and drink in the Library

Food which carries a strong odour, or which is noisy or otherwise disruptive to other users should not be taken onto the upper floors of the Library building.  All drinks in the Library must be non-alcoholic and in a covered container.

The Food Quarter is a cafe and food hall based on the Library ground floor, also serving Starbucks. Please note: Only food purchased in The Food Quarter can be eaten in this area.


Children in the Library

Students accompanied by children may access all floors within the building for transactional activities such as:

  • Borrowing or returning items
  • Collecting reserved items and inter-library loans
  • Using the printing and photocopying facilities
  • Asking staff for help with a query

To view the full Library Regulations please use the link below.