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Reading Lists Online: guide for academic staff

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Welcome to Reading Lists Online!

This system will allow you to successfully manage course reading and ensure that library resources are available and accessible.  It is easy to update and you can organise it to suit your module structure. 

If you have any questions or would like training on how to use RLO please contact your Academic Librarian. Alternatively take a look at the self-help instructions in the Getting Started section or check the FAQs.

If you are a student looking for advice on reading lists please go to your Subject LibGuide and select the Reading Lists Online page.

For a brief overview of how Reading Lists Online works, please watch the video below. 

New List Edit Overview Video


Note for Students

You can add specific notes to your list for students which will help guide them through their readings. You can add annotations and comments to highlight what is useful about an item or how they could use it in an assessment.

Note for Students

Re-organise Layout Easily

You can use the double headed arrow Double headed arrow to drag and drop items and place them where you want in your list. You can also use the 3 dot action button 3 dot action button to move items in your list and for a number of other functions, including: adding notes for students; adding notes for the library; and adding sections. You can also use the Action bar to add previously bookmarked items, paragraphs and sections. 

action bar 


The Table of Contents at the top of the list allows students to jump to specific sections in the list. 

Table of contents

The filter function enables you to see at a glance, how many resources are on a list, what format they are in and what importance level you have set. 

Filter list

One click!

Students only need to click on the title of an item to find out where it is in the Library and if it is currently available.

book image on reading list

Book Jackets

Images are displayed to help students identify the book they need on the shelves.

book jacket image on reading list online

Mobile and Tablet Friendly

It is easy to access reading lists on the go and for students to find the resources they need wherever they are.

Student Engagement

The Analytics feature allows you to see how well used your list is by students. Find it under the View menu. 

View menu

Quick Guide

New List Edit Key Features


1. List title: this should match the title from ModCat. If it is a subject to approval/review list it should be pre-fixed with Subject to Approval or Subject to Review.

2. Edit button:  Change the name or description of the list, copy the list, invite colleagues to work on the list and request a review.

3. View button.: Access analytics for the list, or export it to a variety of formats.

4. Add to My Lists button:  Add the list to your “My Lists” area on Reading Lists Online.

5. Time period: The year this module is running. This should be left blank for Subject to Approval/Review lists. 

6. List Owner: The name of the module leader or tutor who is responsible for updating the list. 

7. Module code (or codes): details of the module code(s) the reading list is linked to appear here. This will ensure it connects through to Blackboard and ModCat.

8.  Navigation menu: Use this to jump to specific sections in the list using the table of contents or filter the list to show specific resources

9. Search box: Search for items in the list

10. Section header: for subject to approval lists these are labelled Purchase, Essential, Recommended, Journals and Websites. Once a list is approved the sections can be renamed. 

11. 3 dot action button: Allows you to edit items and sections in your list. 

12. Reading list resource: Click on the title to expand and see more details for this item.

13. Double headed arrow: Enables you to move items and sections in your list.

 14. View Online button: Click here to access the linked electronic resource.

15. Action bar: Can use this to add bookmarks, paragraphs or sections to your list.