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Reading Lists Online: guide for academic staff

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Getting started

To get started using Reading Lists Online you first need to register with the system and then install the Talis extension or Bookmarklet tool on your web browser. See below for instructions.


How do I register?

Contact your Academic Librarian who will send you an email invitation to register.  During the registration process you will be asked to fill in a form like this to set up your profile. 

registration screenshot

How to install the Talis extension or bookmarklet tool

Before you can add any resources to your reading lists you need to install either the Talis extension on your web browser or the bookmarklet tool into your favourites.

Although both the bookmarklet tool and Talis extension work when adding resources to your reading lists in RLO, it is preferable for you to install the Talis extension as it is the fastest, most convenient way to add resources. 

Details of how to do this are in the videos/ written guides below. 


Instructional Videos

Written guidance

How to set up the Bookmarklet on your iPad

It is not possible to install the Bookmarklet button in the browser on your iPad, but you can set up a similar shortcut in the list of bookmarks on your device:


  • Bookmark this page - tap on the 'share' icon in Safari, which is represented by a square with an up arrow inside it, then select 'Add Bookmark' and 'Save'


  • Copy the code in the box below - tap within the box then tap and hold for a few seconds. When you release your finger a menu will appear. Tap 'Select All' then 'Copy'



  • Edit the bookmark you just created - tap on the 'Bookmarks' icon, which is represented by an open book, then navigate to where you saved the bookmark and select 'Edit' from the bottom of the screen. The display will change so that a red circle appears next to each bookmark. Tap on the bookmark to go into the edit screen, then change the title to 'Add to my RLO bookmarks'. Next, remove the URL by tapping on the small grey cross then tap and hold your finger for a couple of seconds in the address box.  When you release your finger the 'Paste' button will appear. Tap on this, then select 'Done'


  • You're all set! - next time you find an item that you want to add to your RLO bookmarks, simply tap on the 'Bookmarks' icon, go into your 'Favourites', then select 'Add to my RLO bookmarks'