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Reading Lists Online: guide for academic staff

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Before you start

Before you start, search Reading Lists Online to find out if a list has already been created for your module. Go to Reading Lists Online, log in and search for a list by title or module code (or use the search box below).  If there is an existing list, then you can edit it, please see the editing list page for further details on how to do this. Alternatively you can create a new list.

Reading Lists Online

Approval/Review Events

Subject to Approval/Review Lists

Every new list has to be prefixed with either 'Subject to Approval' or 'Subject to Review. This means the list will be sent to the Academic Librarian, who will check the resources you have added for availability. 

Lists created for an approval or review event need to be published in RLO at least 2 weeks before the Critical Read. This will allow enough time for the checks to be performed and for the Academic Librarian to comment on the resources which forms part of the event documentation.  

After the approval/review event the Library will save a copy of the list so that there is a record of the original list presented at the event. Once this has happened you can make changes to the List in RLO, should you want to, e.g. restructure the sections into themes or weeks, or add/remove resources. See the Edit List page for more information.

Watch the recording to learn how to create a reading list for an approval event.

Creating a new list

There are three ways to create a new list: you can use a template; copy an existing list which you can then edit; or create a list from scratch.

1. Using a template for a Subject to Approval/Review List

Read these written instructions BEFORE using the templates below.

A template has been created which you can copy (see below) for Subject to Approval and Subject to Review Lists

2. Copying a list

To copy a list, you need to click on the Edit menu button and select the link to Copy List

New List Edit, Edit Menu

More detailed instructions on how to do this can be found below.

3. Creating a list from Scratch

To create a list from scratch, go to My Lists from the RLO top menu My Lists

and click on Create new list  Create new list

More detailed instructions on how to do this can be found below.

Adding sections

For subject to approval lists sections are labelled Purchase, Essential, Recommended, Journals and Websites. Once a module has been approved the sections can be renamed. You can add sections using the action bar or the 3 dot action menu.

Add section

More detailed instructions on how to do this can be found below.