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For help with a variety of enquiries you can contact the Library by:


telephone icon01642 342100  (Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm)





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Feedback on our services

Urgent help and support for mental health

Course planning and approval

The relevant Academic Librarian will be involved in the approval or review event.  Please contact them at the earliest opportunity to discuss library resources and how skills development can be embedded into modules and courses.

Student skills support

S&LS provide support in the development of skills either through sessions offered within the curriculum or through the provision of online resources. Support can be tailored to meet the needs of your course. Your Academic Librarian can advise you on what is available and can help you to complete the 'Student Support' section of the Course Approval Documentation.


Resources such as S&LS collections, facilities and services form a vital part of approval requirements, not only for new modules and programmes of study but also for the review of existing ones.  Part of the discussion around learning resources will focus on the support from S&LS.  The relevant Academic Librarian will be involved in the approval or review event, either as a panel member or as part of the team and is  a member of your School's Student Learning Experience Committee.

Early consultation with your Academic Librarian is advisable to enable them to play a positive role in the collection development to support the new programme.  They will discuss with you the resources already available, those which would need to be acquired; existing pressures on resources; and implications of non-standard methods of delivery.  Each module in the programme will need a 'Subject to Approval' or 'Subject to Review' reading list creating and published in the Reading Lists Online system before the Approval Event. Your Academic Librarian will provide comments for the Approval/Review event based on the content of the lists.

Digital Literacy

Student and Library Services are able to support some aspects of Digital Literacy as defined by the JISC Learner Profile.

We focus on how we can support the Digital Literacy skills needed by students. This can either be through embedded sessions as part of the curriculum, or through selected Succeed@Tees workshops.

Information Literacy

JISC Learner Profile Statement What this means regarding skills students should have How Student and Library Services can help
A digitally capable learner will:
  • Find relevant digital information using search engines, indexes or tag clouds; use appropriate search terms; find information in wikis, blog posts, scholarly journals, e-books and on the open web
  • Know different sources of information and why to use them
  • Think about the question and different search terms
  • Know and follow the rules of copyright; use only legal sources; understand and avoid plagiarism 
  • Paraphrasing, citation and referencing
  • Organise and manage digital information using various file spaces and folders, bookmarks, reference management software and tagging 
  • Saving and importing search results in a reference management software
  • Judge whether digital information is trustworthy and relevant; distinguish different kinds of information eg academic, professional, personal and political
  • Critical thinking and writing
  • Use information for answering questions, solving problems, informing practice and writing assignments 
  • Academic Writing
  • Share information with tutors, peers and others relevant to learning
  • Communication skills

Recovery College Online
Providing a range of online educational courses and resources to people with experience of mental illness, from service users to their family, friends and staff.

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