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Your Librarian supporting your Students

skills sessionAcademic Librarians play a key role in enabling students to become confident and independent learners, through the development of academic and information literacy skills. These skills will help students to produce well-researched, well-referenced assignments, and will underpin their future learning and employability. To find out more about how we can support your work, please talk to your Academic Librarian.

S&LS will provide ...

  • An appropriate introduction to the library for new students at the University
  • An interactive game to orientate students to the library and the services it provides
  • A LibGuide for each subject area, including access to key literature searching tools and support for referencing
  • One-to-one tutorials on literature searching, eg for a student’s dissertation, on request.

Tailored sessions

S&LS can provide sessions within the curriculum, tailored to the needs of your students.  We will liaise with you to discuss a suitable timeframe, and will negotiate with you regarding the most appropriate content and approach.

These sessions could include:

  • An introduction to key searching tools such as Discovery, a single search to quickly and easily discover the library’s rich resources
  • An explanation of different types of literature, including academic journals
  • Advice on how to critically evaluate search results
  • An explanation of the principles of creating reference lists according to a specific style (eg Teesside University Harvard style). 
  • The creation and management of references using the RefWorks tool
  • An explanation of more in-depth literature searching eg for a dissertation. 
  • Structured literature searching using a relevant database eg CINAHL

For a detailed description of the section content of a session aimed at Level 4 students please see Tailored Sessions.

In addition, S&LS will also be able to provide, on request, a session which could include some Succeed@Tees workshop content, tailored to a particular group.  The current Succeed@Tees workshop programme is available at Workshops and includes an introduction to academic writing, critical thinking and writing a literature review.

S&LS will also provide support, guidance and materials if you prefer to deliver any of the above content yourself.

Please contact your Academic Librarian to discuss your requirements.